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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find what you're looking for. Please call us at any time if you have questions or would like more information. That's what we're here for.

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we’re here to help you plan for what’s to come, protect what matters most, and invest in your future. We offer a wide range of insurance and financial products including: auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, business insurance, farm and ranch insurance, financial planning services, investment planning, annuities, estate planning, college funding options and retirement planning. We’re proud of our reputation for helping you in ways that smartphone apps and computer programs simply can’t.   We’re here to answer your questions and work together to customize coverage that’s right for you and your family. In a time when companies’ data models are working to predict your every move, we offer the kind of human touch you need when it comes to protecting what matters most. It’s your future. Let’s protect it.®

Here is what some of our existing clients have to say about us

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“I like the convenience and the personal interaction. When I added a business policy, it was nice to work with the same individual and not have to change companies or deal with people I do not know. Nelson understood what I needed to protect my business. I support agriculture and so does Farm Bureau. Jan B.

Best darn agent I have ever had, I left Farm Bureau in pursuit of lower rates only to come back because you get what you pay for. Warren P.

“You are serious about what you are doing as a protection and service on customers and further more you care about customers. Boundareth P.

Good service Jim B.

“I can trust my agent. He's friendly, helpful and I know he will take care of our needs ” Karen R.

Good value and speedy service when needed. Byron B.

Nelson is consistently fast and helpful in all insurance needs. I feel that I always have an advocate for my insurance. Jacob P.

“Always available to discuss my insurance with me Alta Y.

Nelson is our agent and gives a real friendship we look forward too, instead of some insurance person that we just use. He has always been more than happy as our needs change and accommodate any thing way he can. Brayden K.

Nelson is available and timely in setting up my policies. I have a large portfolio of rental properties and it is really nice to have someone local that I can count on. He also knows me and my insurance needs and knows which products to recommend to make sure I am protected. Daniel C.

A very excellent agent for my insurances purposes...Thanks Kent Kent A.

When things have gone wrong, my insurance has always gone right thanks to my great agent Teresa O.

You have great service Matt S.

He is great at fulfilling our insurance needs quickly and easily. Lonny W.

“Friendly and prompt service. Always willing to help guide us through the insurance process noting alternatives and values related to our needs. Ed S.

If I have a question you are there to resolve it. Gary A.

Nelson has been great! He is quick to respond when we have questions or need changes to our policy.

Jennifer H.

“My agent cares about what keeps me up at night and does his best to address those concerns by recommending coverage that give me peace of mind Brent G.

My agent always returns my calls and provide me with a superior level of service Ashley R.

Easy to work with Brodie J.

“Nelson Abbott has been my agent for approx. 20 years.  He's the Best!” Susan B

“Always very friendly and truly cares for me” Fred O

“Nelson has kept us informed of all info relating to our insurance policy. He takes care of his clients.” Marshall L.

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